Michael Müller celebrates “Manco Charity Dinner”

Party-celebrity-News: After winning the election to the new capital city-mayor indulges in Even-Stadtenwicklungssenator Michael Müller (49) together with Still-mayor Klaus Wowereit (60) the first joint public appearance at Quatsch Comedy Club – the occasion was the Charity Dinner of the Anti-violence Projketes Manco.

Michael Müller feiert bei “Maneo Charity Dinner”

Michel Müller and Bastian Finke when “Manco Charity Dinner” at Quatsch Comedy Club

Clear that the interest in the Appearance of Michael Müller was great: but There was nothing New, together with Klaus Wowereit to celebrate and tutoring in this area need he is not, said Michael Müller quite short and disappeared with a grin from the red carpet. True – the last time we saw him only at the opening of the “Mall of Berlin” at the Leipziger Platz with Klaus Wowereit and Harald G. Huth.

Michael Müller feiert bei “Maneo Charity Dinner”

Friedrichstadtpalast-chief Berndt Schmidt was at the “Manco Charity Dinner” award

When “Manco Charity Dinner” at the Friedrichstadtpalast, to the Manco-Chef Bastian Finke had been invited to have been Director Berndt Schmidt (50) and the Ex-FC St. Pauli-President Cornelius Littmann (61) for “their clear sign against Homophonie and Transpersonenphobie” award. Lala Süsskind (67), the former Chairman of the Jewish community, took the award.

Michael Müller feiert bei “Maneo Charity Dinner”

Klaus Wowereit and Andre Schmitz in “Manco Charity Dinner”

To the selected guests was also the Ex-state Secretary for culture André Schmitz (57), comedienne Gabi Decker (58), Monika Diepgen (70), actress Barbara Nice (67), as well as police chief Klaus Kandt.

While Klaus Wowereit in his speech asked kurzzufassen and this with a capricious “I’m talking about soon nowhere” answered showed Michael Müller is not so feierfest – he disappeared quite early because of a “next appointment”.

Michael Müller feiert bei “Maneo Charity Dinner”

Gabi Decker with Judy Winter when “Manco Charity Dinner”

Gabi Decker was not funny and made clear: “The bar is set high, I expect from him the same Celebration-stamina as Klaus Wowereit. He should not think that he abens his family to attend to…”

Manco is the way the gay Anti-violence project of the capital, which for 24 years, primarily as a Opferhilfeberatungsstelle and Gewaltpräventionsprojekt is active. Since 2009, organized MANCO, the “Berlin Toleranzbündnis” (BTB). The Alliance of today, 130 companies and Events joined.

Manco wants to be a social “Gay-Straight Alliance” promote bridges between lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans people and Heterosexual strengths. What is important is the Common and Unifying, the promotion of social tolerance and diversity, as well as the strong commitment against homophobia and Hate violence.


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